Please read the following carefully and follow them for smooth experience.

  1. Please download “ZOOM” App from Play Store and check whether your app is working well by having a trial meeting with someone else. MasterMind will not be responsible if your app/phone/laptop/internet connection/microphone is not alright.

  2. Mobile or Tablet or Laptop or Desktop with Internet Connection via Broadband/Fibernet/High Speed Mobile Data with at least daily usage of 1.5 GB. For safety, please have two sources of internet connection. Keep your mobile phone in full charge.

  3. You will be receiving an invitation link to join the meeting via WhatsApp group 15 minutes before the course starting time. Just click on the link and enter into the app.

  4. Please enter the meeting with your registered name, Host will only accept the person with registered name.

  5. Please note that for the first 10 minutes only, request to join will be accepted.

  6. Please type and send your name in the chat section once you enter into the meeting. By looking at that, ATTENDANCE will be marked.

  7. Please keep a notepad and a pen

  8. If possible, please keep the video on during activities and discussions. Facilitator would like to give personal attention to each participant.

  9. If you want to ask questions to the facilitator, go to chat option, type you question and send to him privately, not to everyone.

  10. You are requested to be in mute your microphone to avoid any noise disturbances. You should unmute when you interact with the facilitator. When you complete talking, please mute it again.

  11. Avoid attending phone calls when the training is happening. When the calls come, please cut the call.

  12. Host or Co-Hosts will remove the participants from meeting room if the ground rules are not followed.

  13. Please fill this simple feedback form ( which will be beneficial for our continuous improvement. E-Certificate & Complementary eBooks will be shared with the people those who fill this form with in 24 hours from the completion of the program.

  14. All our participants are entitled for free membership in MasterMind Questers (MMQ), a Knowledge Club. Please stay in the WhatsApp group even after the training program in order to get various benefits from MMQ. Group is controlled by Admins and no forward messages / spam messages will be posted.

If you are facing any issues, please put your message in WhatsApp group (it will be open during training session) or contact any of these numbers +91 7397733575, +91 7397764963. (Don’t call Trainer)