Assignment 02
1.Discuss about the environmental factors that influence the early childhood.

Factors Affecting Growth & Development of children from JEENA AEJY

2.Explain the importance of Life skills and Independent living

Life skills presentation from sati.menon67

3.Describe the role of Play in enhancing the development

Importance of Play from Pushpa263

Practical Oriented Assignment 03 (Compulsory)
1.Explain the psycho-social issues related to Puberty, and mention your suggestions forovercoming their psycho-social problems.

Adolescence characteristics and problems from Anil Yadav

1.“India has Unity in Diversity”- Discuss.

Unity in diversity in india from Padma Lalitha

2.Describe briefly about Right to Education and Universalisation of Education.

Right to education from Akanksha Shrivastava

3.Discuss the features of National Policy for Persons with Disabilities-2006.

National Policy For Persons with Disabilities, 2006 from namithasurendrank

Practical Oriented Assignment 03 (Compulsory)
Express your views on issues and challenges in providing special education for children with disabilities and suggest some guidelines for community based education.

Community based education from lovejm19

Issues and challenges of inclusive education from tanzil irfan

1.Describe the Persons with Disability (PWD) Act 1995.

Person with disability act 1995 from Priyanka Chaurasia

2.Briefly explain the Barriers of Inclusive education. (some diagrams from WhatsApp)

Barriers to inclusive education from Geraldine Cachero


Assignment 02
1. Differentiate Congenital and Acquired hearing loss and challenges arising due to them.

Congenital deafness from Verdah Sabih

2.Describe the characteristics of Deaf-blind children and mention the mobility and educationalneeds of them.

Deafblindness from LaKeisha Weber

Practical Oriented Assignment 03 (Compulsory)

1.Mention the importance of Early Identification and Intervention with some assessment procedures.

Developmental assessment and screening from Nasreen Ali

Over view of Early detection & Intervention in Disabilities from Dr Saim Ali soomro

Early detection and_early_intervention from Dr Saim Ali soomro


Assignment 01
1.What is meant by Learning Disability? What are the remedial measures to be considered ineducating them?

detailed presentation on learning disabilities from Divya Murthy

2.Describe the various instructional approaches for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Effective Teaching Strategies For Students With A S D 09 from Jennifer Reynolds

Practical Oriented Assignment 03 (Compulsory)
1.Mention your views on Vocational Training and career opportunities of the Disabled

Vocational rehabilitation from mrinal joshi

Assignment 02
1.What are the assistive technologies of Cerebral Palsy for their education?

Assistive technology in the classroom from cjohn03029

2.How to create prosthetic environment to the children with Polio, and Muscular Dystrophy athome.

Polio myelitis from GAMANDEEP


Practical Oriented Assignment 03 (Compulsory)
1.What is meant by Barrier free environment? How to provide it to the children with multipledisabilities at school.

Barrier free environment in schools from Poornima Sankaralingam